Deliver a Frictionless Lending Experience

Advanced, curated cloud lending solution for a wide range of lending organizations.

Deliver Seamless Next-Gen Digital Lending Platform Backed With the State-of-the-Art Technology

Transform your business with lower risks and higher customer base with an intuitive digital lending solution. With the lending industry on the cusp of transformation, digital lending paves a way to harness the advancements to a higher level.


Ziva Is a Comprehensive Cloud-Based Lending Management System Designed to Meet the Requirements of Lending Businesses of All Sizes Across Various Business Spectrums.

  • Banks

  • Credit Unions

  • NBFCs

  • Retail Lenders

Enterprise Lending Solution Solely Built for Business Transformation

Ziva Ecosystem is a powerhouse of seamlessly integrated solutions to manage the total lifecycle of the Lending Business. It presents new opportunities to the lending organization and protects it from any risks or threats, thereby delivering the best.


Ziva's credit origination module is a state-of-the-art workflow system built on a microservices architecture. It is fully automated, parameterized, powered by a business rule engine, to facilitate the end-to-end credit origination.

As a loan based segmented system, this module empowers banks to create products custom-tailored for their ecosystem right from amortization to delinquency tracking. Any product can be launched within hours.

This module is a comprehensive automated debt and receivables system often colluding with the collections module, thereby improving the decision-making system, effective collection strategies.

The centralized collateral management monitors real-time exposure of assets and its collateralization of credit from a single source. This helps the banks or NBFCs to make informed decisions on the collaterals.

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Ziva's Distinctiveness
Across Businesses

  • Individual Rating and Pricing Engine

  • Comprehensive Risk Referencing Solutions

  • 360° Integrated Solution

  • Transparency Across All Processes

  • Fully Automated Workflow

  • Flexibility in Regulatory Changes

We don't stop at a single segment.

Going above and beyond, developing customized solutions for all.

  • Home Loan

  • Gold Loan

  • Commercial Loan

  • Auto Loan

  • Consumer Loan

  • Equipment Loan

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What Our Customers Say

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